The Rules

The Rules

There are a few simple rules to follow here:

  1. No slamming another view. Post your position in a respectful, educated tone – give links to references.
  2. Watch the language, abbreviate if you must use certain words 🙂
  3. Since I like odd numbers, I don’t really have another rule – This is a conservative based blog. The views contained within are going to be as such. Comments from other views are respected and welcomed, but again, please keep them civil and informative.

Responses that do not meet these criteria – may not be published.

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  • 1. Stan Walters  |  March 21, 2009 at 4:27 am

    Dear Fellow Tea Party Protesters,


    If this message gets out, this might stop about 30% of Democrats in Congress voting with Obama policies. Which would largely mean the END of new Obama legislation.

    Starting next paragraph, E-mail and mail this to Democrat legislators. Warn these Dems, let them know how they will be fired and reviled if they support Obama destructive policies.

    Note to Democrat Senators and Representatives:
    Obama plans to take you down with him.

    Dick Morris flat out stated his opinion that if Obama pushing his Leftist policies meant not being re-elected, that Obama would push his Leftist policies anyway. That Obama is dedicated to principle (a wrong principle) over getting re-elected.

    Obama’s massive spending (called “generational theft” by McCain) is already seen to be hurting the country. I heard in a few years this might cause 20% to 40% inflation. But Obama does not care how much he is hurting the country, because he thinks he is building here a new Leftist paradise.

    What happens if the country is much worse off four years from now and Obama gets kicked out of the Presidency? What happens to the Democrat legislators who voted along with and conformed to every whim of their Leftist messiah? Obviously, the public will kick a lot of these Democrats out of office, too.

    Note to Democrat legislators marching lock step helping Obama damage the country: Your days, too, are numbered. Your ideological bubble will become old and burst, the country having seen at great harm to itself that your programs do not work.

    These dramatic lessons will ring through the next two centuries of American history: (1) the equating of the Far Left with personal destruction. (2) How a known Far Leftist came to town (most Leftist Senator), pretended to be “non-partisan,” and through his arrogant, confident-sounding speeches manipulated and bamboozled. A dishonest, promise-breaking real life Pied Piper who took the country over the cliff with him.

    Besides his decimating the economy, what if his large scale reversal of protections against terrorism result in WMD attacks in this country? News flash to Leftists – Despite your pipe dreams that terrorists are kindly freedom fighters, terrorists have NOT gone away. Any WMD attack and the American public may not wait four years, and impeach Obama on the spot.

    It is an open question how QUICKLY your days are numbered. Sooner or later, conformist mob followers of Obama are going down.

    Maybe you should RETHINK any mindless impulse automatically to vote for whatever Obama wants. Because when America is later much harmed, that later awakened America will also hold you responsible for any widespread economic and physical destruction.

    At such later time do not expect the American public to be respectful and understanding to you. Despite all your excuses, you will become social pariahs. In history your legacy will be the same as the Far Leftists: “enablers of destruction.”

    – – Stan Walters (pen name)
    Because Leftists do not want to discuss these issues. Like true Stalinists, Leftists only want to attack and smear anyone who disagrees. By not stating my name, Leftists can not smear me, leaving their ONLY alternative to answer these issues.

    P.S. Please keep my e-mail address confidential. Kindly do not forward this ahead, showing my e-mail, and instead “copy and paste” from above. If the biased liberal media reports little on our tea parties, Democrat legislators may know little about our protests. But if any one Democrat legislator gets hundreds of these e-mails each day – – that legislator WOULD know our protests.

  • 2. john smithson  |  July 6, 2009 at 10:07 am

    Also, is this how we contact you for submissions to your blog???

  • 3. smilingldsgirl  |  July 21, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    I’d be interested in providing a guest blog. You can see some of my political oriented blogs at

  • 4. dan tyler  |  November 26, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    8 years of Bush/Cheney was real good for the USA. Right ?

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