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What does the party need to do?

So I went to the SVARW meeting today (Silicon Valley Association of Republican Women). It was most interesting. After I found the meeting location, my GPS missed a critical turn to get to the location, I went in and got my necessary name tag and took a seat. After getting my favorite carbs for breakfast I sat down and chatted with the women at the table. This meeting, the first of the year was free for first time guests such as myself, so it appeared that there were a number of us that were interested in checking out the group. From the women I spoke with all were looking for a safe environment to be an openly conservative. ME TOO!


So a quick rundown on the makeup. There were somewhere between 80-100 women in attendance. There were a few men (most likely husbands of said members). I quite possibly was the youngest person there, there may have been a few other people in their 30’s but the majority were older than me. But really that is usually the case in most settings I am in. I was young when my first child was born, so I am usually the youngest parent in his class. (young by today’s standards, since everyone is waiting to have children – I was 24 when he was born). Everyone was very friendly and very eager to get involved and make a difference in our society. Seeing ways to impact decisions and government. I really enjoyed the meeting and hope that I will be able to continue to attend.

Now for the topic of the day – “The Republican Resurgence Begins NOW” Dr Charlie Self, aka Dr. History delivered the message for the day and it was most interesting. He was challenging us to imagine what our republic could look like, what it once was, compared to what it currently has become. We have become “people who abandon principles” with “politicians who choose corruption“. Pretty harsh sounding, but true. We as a nation have set aside many basic fundamental things like absolute truth, freedoms, the right to bear arms, etc in favor of allowing more liberties and freedoms to be taken away from the individuals and given to the government. He said, “we need to restore sanity and truth and have a republic left for the next generation.” And that only “attempting self preservation leads to destruction.”

The challenge was to imagine that our country could look like the following:

  • Pro-life could mean making adoption costs affordable and cutting out red tape
  • Parental Responsibility increases, parents are responsible for having their children ready to learn at school. The parent is responsible, not the school.
  • IRS – fixes the tax system
  • Military would be an effective force – not simply a police

Dr. History discussed how Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency shows that it is possible to have business reform without embracing socialist principles. It is possible to take care of the environment while still respecting private property. Foreign affairs can be handled and managed while still maintaining respect of other nations. He then offered a list of things that he feels should be involved in getting the party back in line.

  • respect for all faiths, refuse preference for groups (you know I am big fan of this one. I feel strongly that there is a bias against Christianity)
  • end faith based initiatives, let the public fund, no more strings attached
  • economic stimulus: lower taxes, no fed $$ for bonuses or retreats, hold those in office to higher standards, jail the elite for fraud
  • immigration transformation – become Ellis island again
  • cut federal spending by 10%
  • make military more efficient
  • stress parental responsibility and local government responsibility
  • multiple energy sources – By 2020 we could have a 50% reduction in our dependence if we pursue mulitple energy sources NOW
  • new initiatives to prevent abortions & euthanasia
  • term limits across the board, no one has more than 20 combined years in office. get new people involved. not just the elite.
  • liberty and national sovereignty – we do not need tyranny from dictators at the UN
  • resurgence of freedom in academics – school is to educate NOT indoctrinate
  • irrevocable commitment to Israels right to exist securely

Some other interesting things to note. In 1976 the Republican Party looked lifeless but then by 1980 we had a Republican president. The party is not dead, it is only alive again when not out for party interests but reaffirming the values of the republic. The key for America is going to be to live with our differences, yet find ways to work together.


It is time to get to work. Will be interested to hear some views on what you think the party needs to do! Anyone?
(you can hear Dr. Charlie Self on the Brain Sussman Show on KSFO Hot Talk 560 AM)

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Republican Women of Silicon Valley

So I am hoping and trying to make it to this meeting this week. It sounds most interesting. I will be curious to see what the demographics of the group is (meaning age range)



Next Wednesday, January 14th,  SVARW’s favorite Dr. History returns.   If you listen to the Brian Sussman Show on KSFO 560, you’ve heard Charlie Self introduced as “the doctor with more degrees than a thermometer”.   First time guests are FREE for this first SVARW meeting of the year.  Bring your friends.charlie
Dr. History Returns for our January Meeting!
Topic:  The Republican Resurgence Begins Now”Dr. Charlie Self will inspire and instruct on the future of the Republican Party – and, indeed, our Republic itself. The current confusion open the door to our core message – a clarion call to personal responsibility, family values, fiscal sanity, citizenship that matters and moral and military strength in the War on Terror.FREE for first time guests!  Since this is our first meeting of 2009, we want to encourage our members to bring a guest.  Men are always welcome!!La Rinconada Country Club
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
14595 Clearview Drive -Los Gatos, CA 95032
Cost:  $13  includes
Continental Breakfast

Anyone coming . . . .

I am also most intrigued by this group and hope I get the chance to attend something there as well

headerThe next meeting will be:

The Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley Presents:

Brian T. Kennedy, President of the Claremont Institute.

Mr. Kennedy has been with the Institute since 1989 and has written on national security affairs and California public policy issues.  His articles have appeared in the Claremont Review of Books, National Review, Investor’s Business Daily and numerous national newspapers.

In addition to his duties as President, Mr. Kennedy serves as Publisher of the Claremont Review of Books and also directs the Institute’s Ballistic Missile Defense project, which examines the missile threat to the western United States and the need for a national missile defense.

Mr. Kennedy is a native Californian and a graduate of Claremont McKenna College.

When:  Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Time: Doors open at 6:00 PM, Meeting begins at 7:00 PM

Where: The American Legion Hall

958 Homestead Road

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Cost: CFSV Members – No Charge

Non-Members – $10 at the door

First time visitors may attend at no charge.

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Am I right?

So we are setting this blog up to discuss some issues on the forefront at the moment, as well as a few that don’t even seem to touch the radar. While admittedly this is going to be coming from a very conservative view point there are so many facets and variables to each policy and topic that there are boundless amounts of disagreements and arguments for and against each one. In reading through other blogs and listening to many pundits what we have come to determine is this:

The only thing we can agree on is to disagree.

The issue is not if one group is right or wrong, to try and debate as such generally proves useless and pointless. The people most often engaged in such debates are committed to their ideologies and beliefs and are unlikely to be swayed through commentary. They know the talking points and they know how to back up what they believe. There is a reason the independent vote is so important, because they are the only people that you are really likely to sway to your side. There have been rampant and flagrant slams to people on each side of the debate. Somewhere along the way in trying to be tolerant and respectful of others beliefs that has taken a shift to only be tolerant of people who believe what you believe. If you post a link to an article supporting your viewpoints (providing it is from a verifiable source – not somewhere like the daily kos). while the views in the article may not mesh with my ideologies we should not be attacking your personally because you have a belief. Does that mean we agree and think you are right? Most likely not. What has happened to respectful disagreement? You will not be changing anyones mind by attacking them personally. Back up what you say with facts, facts from a trusted source (not something you heard third hand), find it in print and then read it for yourself.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and form your own opinions. It has become apparent that peoples views on social policy and their values and morals shape their politics. These two topics are ones that are going to be addressed here soon.

We welcome respectful and engaging debate and discussion. Please join in and participate, but keep it clean and be willing to agree to disagree. We will leave comments unmoderated for as long as people are willing to cooperate.

As well, we are looking for guest bloggers to submit articles to be posted. We welcome providing a platform for other women to share their opinions in an intelligent manner. Please shoot us an email if you are interested!

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