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Republican Women of Silicon Valley

So I am hoping and trying to make it to this meeting this week. It sounds most interesting. I will be curious to see what the demographics of the group is (meaning age range)



Next Wednesday, January 14th,  SVARW’s favorite Dr. History returns.   If you listen to the Brian Sussman Show on KSFO 560, you’ve heard Charlie Self introduced as “the doctor with more degrees than a thermometer”.   First time guests are FREE for this first SVARW meeting of the year.  Bring your friends.charlie
Dr. History Returns for our January Meeting!
Topic:  The Republican Resurgence Begins Now”Dr. Charlie Self will inspire and instruct on the future of the Republican Party – and, indeed, our Republic itself. The current confusion open the door to our core message – a clarion call to personal responsibility, family values, fiscal sanity, citizenship that matters and moral and military strength in the War on Terror.FREE for first time guests!  Since this is our first meeting of 2009, we want to encourage our members to bring a guest.  Men are always welcome!!La Rinconada Country Club
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
14595 Clearview Drive -Los Gatos, CA 95032
Cost:  $13  includes
Continental Breakfast

Anyone coming . . . .

I am also most intrigued by this group and hope I get the chance to attend something there as well

headerThe next meeting will be:

The Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley Presents:

Brian T. Kennedy, President of the Claremont Institute.

Mr. Kennedy has been with the Institute since 1989 and has written on national security affairs and California public policy issues.  His articles have appeared in the Claremont Review of Books, National Review, Investor’s Business Daily and numerous national newspapers.

In addition to his duties as President, Mr. Kennedy serves as Publisher of the Claremont Review of Books and also directs the Institute’s Ballistic Missile Defense project, which examines the missile threat to the western United States and the need for a national missile defense.

Mr. Kennedy is a native Californian and a graduate of Claremont McKenna College.

When:  Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Time: Doors open at 6:00 PM, Meeting begins at 7:00 PM

Where: The American Legion Hall

958 Homestead Road

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Cost: CFSV Members – No Charge

Non-Members – $10 at the door

First time visitors may attend at no charge.


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California Republicans – Where are you?

I have to keep reminding myself to keep my headphones on and not eavesdrop at what the people around me are saying. It creates too many temptations to try and argue with them. And based on the things they are saying there is not a chance that they would think I am right. They are being pretty nasty.

I am the minority. I wish my McCain/Palin shirt was clean today. I would have totally worn it.

I decided to search and see what percentage of the state of California is Republican. It was not a pretty sight. I found this article California Republicans: An endangered species? it did not do anything to make me feel better. Here are a few key excerpts in case you don’t want to click through.

  • Registered Republicans now constitute barely a third of the electorate in the biggest state — 34 percent — a decline from 39 percent just two decades ago.
  • Even in Orange County, regularly described as “the most Republican county in the U.S.,” Republican registration has fallen below 50 percent.
  • The Republicans haven’t controlled the state Senate since 1970. They have controlled the state Assembly for only one year — 1996 — since 1970.
  • In the past three general elections, Republicans have lost 20 of the 24 statewide constitutional offices up for election. In both 1998 and 2006, the GOP lost six of eight statewide offices.
  • In 2002, Republicans were shut out of all statewide offices for the first time since 1882 — despite a Democratic ticket led by an incumbent governor up for reelection with job approval ratings in the 30s.
  • Other than Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2003 gubernatorial recall election, the only non-incumbent Republican to win any statewide office whatsoever since 1994 was a multimillionaire high-tech maven who in 2006 was elected insurance commissioner.
  • Republicans have lost — count ’em — seven straight U.S. Senate races in California dating back to 1992, the last four by double-digit blowouts.
  • In the two most recent races in 2004 and 2006, the sad sack GOP nominees didn’t even have the money to air a single spot on broadcast television — a first in the modern era for either major party.
  • The Republican nominee against Sen. Dianne Feinstein in ’06 ran his own campaign out of his house.
  • Of the 53 members of Congress from California, only 19 are Republican, the party having lost four GOP-held seats in 2000, a newly created district in 2002 and another, supposedly rock-solid, Republican seat in 2006.
  • Republicans have lost the past four presidential elections in California, all of them by double-digit, landslide margins.
  • And George W. Bush’s job approval ratings in California are below even his historic-low national standings — and only a couple of points above former Gov. Gray Davis’ numbers on the day he was recalled in 2003.

Wow, it is much sadder than I thought. Here is a link to another document with California vote profiles. Maybe we moved to the wrong part of the state 🙂

Coming from what is arguably one of the most conservative, Republican counties in the country to this one has been a major eye opener. I have never been in the minority for anything in my life. I am used to my friends and people around me having very similar beliefs. Here it seems like a free for all and you cannot be sure of what anyone believes. There are so many more shades of gray in this state.

So please, if you are a Republican in California let me know I am not alone. I am a proud registered Republican in the great state of California and I am not ashamed.

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Changing your religion

I have to throw this out there, from reading profiles on facebook, tweets, etc – I have decided that there it is not worth my time to argue my position to anyone that is going to totally argue their candidate with me. You are not going to change my mind and I am not going to change yours. Now if we could hold an intelligent, civil conversation without resorting to name calling and ridiculous commentary, I would be happy to participate. Unfortunately, that is not usually how that plays out.

I find it to be similar to trying to change someone’s religious beliefs. If you have something that you hold dear to you such as your faith than you are not going to easily be swayed away from what you believe. In fact you might find it offensive when people attack you telling you that you are wrong.

So that said, I will not try to change your mind. If you will respect me and agree to disagree. I find it interesting to see the variances between each position, but I base what I believe on my values and faith.  So please know that going into any conversation.

If you do want to hold a civil discussion I welcome the conversation.

There is a reason the independent vote is the most important this election. They are the only ones who you are likely to have any influence over. So I will be interested in seeing how it turns out and how many people are swayed to one side or the other.

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