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Videos Everyone Should See

Obama Association with ACORN – CNN

And Fox

Obama and Planned Parenthood

I would also like to point out while you cannot force morality, or what I consider moral, I can still choose to vote for what I believe. That is my choice. You can choose to vote however you want. But please do not belittle me for voting for what I choose.

And this one. Wow. The Lowdown on the Weathermen.

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Bloggers Reporting the News – Born in Kenya?

Well as the media spends its time reporting the same old fluff, with the exception of the few who actually are reporting what is happening, bloggers have been left to cover and research some of the very important issues this election. They are putting out a lot of time, energy and money to get answers. Answers to questions that should be answered. And both sides are spending time researching each other, so please don’t play the we aren’t doing it card.

And really if people have a legitimate question, that has any sort of reason that it would be relevant as well as any credible source to give it even a hint of life, then someone is going to research it. Maybe they will find where the truth is. Either it is a rumor or it is true (or a portion of it is true)

Today’s curiosity, apparently there is a rumor circulating that Obama may not actually be a US born citizen. There is speculation and some report of him actually being born in Kenya to a mother who was under the legal age to qualify him as an official citizen.

From TexasDarlin: This week, I reported a tip from a third party that a certified birth certificate from Kenya, which has reportedly arrived in the US, documents Obama’s birth in Mombasa, Kenya.  Although I emphasized that the tip was “unverified,” I elected to publish the information because 1) the source seemed credible to me and 2) the evidence reflects a new claim put forth by the Plaintiff in Berg v. Obama.

Let me add this is an excellent article. Very well written and provides plenty of reasoning and rationale for following through on the investigation.

There is currently a court case with the following text:

The underlined portion of information filed Oct. 9 by Philip Berg. See item #18 on this docket, page 10, the relevant language of which, underlined in red, is captured here in a screen shot reads,

…Obama was born at Coast Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya located in Coast Province….

And this post, Obama Born in Kenya, continues with the story, timeline, etc. I will be interested in keeping an eye on it to see what comes of this interesting topic.

If by any chance there is any truth to this then, A child born in Kenya to and underage US Female and a UK and Colonies Citizen in 1961 was not born a US Citizen under any US Federal Law, under British Law, or International Law.

What I find most curious is how the Democrats love to point out the McCain is “not really” eligible either since he was born in Panama. The part that is funny here, he was born to two US citizens on a military installation in Panama where his father was stationed. Wow. You can’t even begin to compare the two.

Quick points here on McCain:

In April 2008, the Senate approved a nonbinding resolution declaring that Mr. McCain is eligible to be president. Its sponsors said the nation’s founders would have never intended to deny the presidency to the offspring of military personnel stationed out of the country.

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