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So last night both Obama and McCain made reference to “letters” they had sent warning of all kinds of things. Well, that is just exciting guys. You sent a letter.

So does that mean that I will be able to say one day,

“I sent a letter to Boxer, Eshoo, and the Finance Committee warning against the Bailout Bill and that it should not be signed and they did it anyway?”

I just want to know if I get to use that in my campaign too.

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Letters to the Next President

A large church in the Atlanta area, Northpoint Church has a site called Letters to the Next President. Over the summer Andy Stanley had an excellent series entitled the same. Here is the purpose they had in writing letters to the next president. It is open to everyone. There is no partisanship. Just an outlet to put your opinions about what you want the next president to do.

Here is the description from the website:

Why Are We Writing Letters to the Next President?
During the election season, many of us find ourselves armchair quarterbacking—“If I were President, I would . . .” But when it comes to serving in a leadership role, there are many factors that influence the decision-making process. We wanted to hear truths that weren’t clouded by popular opinion, political parties, or even today’s oil prices. We believe that there are basic leadership principles that determine the success and, ultimately, the legacy of a leader—whether a homemaker, an executive, or a United States President. These letters are proving our case.

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