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The Morning After

The VP debate is over. From watching the news last night and reading the news websites this morning (yes, I looked at CNN, FOX, and even MSNBC) it seems the only thing people can agree on is that Palin did better than expected.

Now, it breaks down after that point. Everyone seems to contend that her presentation and appeal was great. But then the talking points and general political preference takes over. The strategists for each party feel their candidate won. That follows the traditional pattern. They are never going to admit defeat. So looking at the polls is somewhat pointless. I find pollster, Frank Luntz to be much more effective and accurate in his polling. I found this article with a good breakdown of polling results just to show how across the board the results were.

“A focus group of independent voters gathered by the pollster Frank Luntz, whose analyses on BBC Newsnight have proved influential in British politics in recent years, called the debate in favour of Mrs Palin.”

I thought Palin handled herself well. I appreciated her candor and truly valued her stance on her beliefs. I do not feel that all she offered were talking points anymore than I think Biden did. To a certain point all they ever talk about is “talking points”. These are hot topics that each party has to drill into the public to convince them their candidate is the better choice.

Here is a list of some fact checks from each candidate last night.

I don’t even really mind. I want to know where you stand and that you are not easily swayed from those principles. I did learn one fact about Obama/Biden that I did not know and must go verify for myself. When the topic of marriage came up and Palin sincerely expressed in plain, clear, concise terms that she believes the definition of marriage as one man and one woman should be preserved, and Biden said that they agree I was most surprised.

For me, Palin “won” the debate. But what I really think she did was give McCain a boost by reaffirming that she is a knowledgeable candidate. Coming off of the Couric/Lauer interview entrapment’s she needed to show that she could handle herself. I think she did.  What the critical independent voters thought is another issue. The next presidential debate should be interesting.

I thought that the moderator for this debate in the wake of concern for bias with her book about Obama coming out in January did an excellent job. She was arguably a better moderator than McCain and Obama had at their first debate. That guy was not very good.

Since I have been listening to some of the people around me at the coffee shop talking about the debate, and remember I live in a severely Democratic area, so I am probably the only Republican in the room I decided to post and then respond to a few of their absurdly biased statements.


  • “sounded” smart
  • wished he attacked her
  • thought he answered everything to the point


  • fake eye problem – thinks she wears glasses to look smarter
  • wore her hair covering ears – suggested she was wearing a prompter
  • think she is not smart – actually suggested she has the iq of a parrot
  • thought she did not answer questions – only gave sound bytes
  • one guy here actually said he is saying she is retarded, not that he has anything against retarded people (wow, how harsh is that – and tasteless)

What I find most interesting is they don’t really say that much to back up their own candidate and how much better he did. All they do is bash the other candidate. It is pretty clear that the committed Democrats don’t like Palin, will never like her – they don’t agree with her. They just repeat the same thing, all she offers is talking points, etc. That is all Biden offered as well. So then they have to attack her personally, her credibility, her family, whatever. And they attack low and hard.

So here, taken from Wikipedia is her biography. She is a real person. A smart accomplished woman. She is not perfect. But I have a news flash. Neither are you.

What’s funny is many of the people who set out to insult her in such degrading terms have far less education and accomplishments than her. How do you get to insult someone who has done more than you? Believe me I have family members who are extremely smart and own profitable companies and don’t have a high school diploma, much less a college degree. So I am not saying that you have to have a degree to be intelligent or argue your point. My beef is when you are doing it in such a low, malicious manner – tasteless and classless, much like the guy at the coffee shop. Act your age.

I loved this quote from the debate last night. I do believe McCain will challenge the status quo.

Each time Biden sought to link McCain to Bush, Palin countered by accusing him of looking backward. “For a ticket that wants to talk about change and looking into the future, there’s just too much finger-pointing backwards to ever make us believe that that’s where you’re going,” she said. “Positive change is coming, though. Reform of government is coming. We’ll learn from the past mistakes in this administration and other administrations.


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Boobies and Debates – they go well together

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And . . . . . . . .

Make sure you watch the debate tonight. Sarah we are counting on you to have your act together tonight. I highly recommend watching on FOX news or if you are at work listening here.

If you can handle the partisanship twitter-election has a live feed of people commenting on the debate as it goes as well. Warning I had to stop reading it after a couple minutes because some of the more vocal people were making me mad.

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