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Working Women

Some blogging moms I know have been busy doing some research that is not covered by the media. Finding answers to questions that seem to be largely unanswered.

There is defintely some things worth finding out. And I do wonder why so little time has been spent finding out his past, his history. Yet, we know everything about Biden, McCain, and Palin. Everything is fair game.

Why is it “fair” to ask questions about everyone except Obama?

Check out this article for the rest of the story.

And here for an article called, Intellectual Perversity in Chicago

more on ayers

In the mean time here is McCain’s new ad. Happy viewing.


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I have a sense of humor too . . .

Just to show that I have a great, smashing sense of humor, I am linking to a few hilarious videos from some of my favorite people, the guys over at JibJab. I loved their videos during the last election. I can’t decide if This Land or Second Term were my favorite! I still enjoy watching them and they crack me up. I love good satire.

I tried a few days ago to post one but could not get it to work, then I found then on youtube.This is the one I was looking for and I just think it is cute. I have found some more that I think are funnier, but this one is the one I was trying to post.

Now granted these are not the ones that I wanted to share but they made me laugh. I am a big, huge fan of High School Musical. I am looking forward to the premiere of HSM 3 later this month. Imagine my surprise to see that they have taken a dance scene from the movie and “jib-jab”ed it. You can even have your choice of presidential candidate!

Here is the McCain/Palin version:

And for the Obama/Clinton crew:

And finally, the one about the campaign.

Hope you at least watch one and then head over to JibJab to see the rest!

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