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Congratulations Senator Obama on winning the 2008 Election. It is truly a historic evening. The first African American president proving that there is equality for all races. (that was never a question to me – my feelings had nothing to do with race). This will be an election to be remembered for decades to come. I am glad that it is a close popular vote and not the landslide predicted. This is a very divisive election, it was not cut and dry by any means. Thank you Senator McCain for your humble and generous concession. It shows much class and grace.

My hopes and prayers have now turned toward the future as we wait to see just what the policies will be under an Obama presidency. Putting things into action and saying you will do them are two terribly different things. I may not ever agree with your policies or decisions but I do think you have a very hard row to tow over the next four years. For your sake I hope they work, but I don’t really think that they will. History is not on your side for the long haul.

In the words of my friends, “I can only promise that I will be as respectful of President Obama as Democrats have been of President Bush.”

Here is to 2012 and a revitalized ready to go Republican party!

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Changing your religion

I have to throw this out there, from reading profiles on facebook, tweets, etc – I have decided that there it is not worth my time to argue my position to anyone that is going to totally argue their candidate with me. You are not going to change my mind and I am not going to change yours. Now if we could hold an intelligent, civil conversation without resorting to name calling and ridiculous commentary, I would be happy to participate. Unfortunately, that is not usually how that plays out.

I find it to be similar to trying to change someone’s religious beliefs. If you have something that you hold dear to you such as your faith than you are not going to easily be swayed away from what you believe. In fact you might find it offensive when people attack you telling you that you are wrong.

So that said, I will not try to change your mind. If you will respect me and agree to disagree. I find it interesting to see the variances between each position, but I base what I believe on my values and faith.  So please know that going into any conversation.

If you do want to hold a civil discussion I welcome the conversation.

There is a reason the independent vote is the most important this election. They are the only ones who you are likely to have any influence over. So I will be interested in seeing how it turns out and how many people are swayed to one side or the other.

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