Palestine on the mind

I have been going to the Speaker Series from Calvin College (via satellite of course) this January. There have been some very interesting topics. I go partly to avoid driving home in traffic and to get some intellectual speaking that is a bit different from simply watching the news. I quite enjoyed listening to the warden from a penitentiary in Louisiana and the story of a survivor of the holocaust in Rwanda. (and the guy who was totally for Free Enterprise and entrepreneurship vs statism. but given where I live I might have been the only person in the room who appreciated him.) A number of the these topics are available online still if you are curious. . .

Today was the final speaker – Archbishop Elias Chacour, a Palestinian Archbishop in Israel. He was actually rather funny and cracked quite a few jokes. While I did miss some of his points, mainly because when he started touting how our country had done such a great thing electing a former “slave” race to the president (please don’t quote me exactly on that one, but that was the basic jist of it) I quickly began searching online for how Palestinians feel about Obama. Because obviously this guy is anti “W”. He actually made reference to George Senior and seemed to almost like him, but did not like the younger. Anytime a topic goes here and I have the chance I will do some searching and reading, and in this case since I was in the back room with my iPhone I decided to search. What I found was an interesting article from this week regarding Obama and the Middle East.

Highlights (and things I was not totally aware of) being:

Among the factors that made the first 12 months of Obama’s presidency better for peace prospects (for those of us who want a two-state solution) than previous years:
* There was less violence both between Israelis and Palestinians, and between Palestinians and Palestinians, than there has been for years.
* 2009 was the first year without any successful suicide bombs against Israel for a long time.
* The Palestinian security forces in the West Bank have finally started to behave as a security force rather than as a terrorist group.
* There was strong economic growth in both Israel and the Palestinian territories relative to most of the rest of the world, for which 2009 was a bleak year.
* A Likud leader recognized the principle of an independent Palestinian state.
* Benjamin Netanyahu made the most sweeping freeze on Israeli settlement building in the West Bank since 1967.

– from National Post

Also states that Obama to be the most naïve president regarding foreign policy, which I would tend to agree with. Not only naïve but unpatriotic. So the United State is starting to see that he is not getting things done, how long will it take for the approval rating of the rest of the world to follow suit . . . time will tell.


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Its Not About Us is it?

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Out of hiding

I admit it. I have been avoiding all things political. Well, not really. I have been working with a few groups on some new conservative websites – GippersList – think conservative Craigslist, doing business with like-minded folks. Cool Conservative Gear – some feminine pretty conservative apparel, and a few other random things. I manage to get myself involved in lots of things (have trouble saying NO) and my current situation has me working on the yearbook at my children’s school AND 1/2 of the book is due February 1st. Got to love crunch time.

I was thoroughly excited by the Scott Brown win and do believe that regardless of what cloud the White House has their collective heads in, this seat in Massachusetts going to a Republican was not a referendum supporting the Obama agenda. It was in fact the polar opposite. Listening to Obama and his toy puppet Gibbs talk about how this vote was really supporting the change Obama wants when clearly Brown campaigned against not for all of these policies. But I digress . .  I am very excited to see where it goes with mid-term elections and am looking forward to seeing sweeping Republican wins across the country. While perusing the blogosphere yesterday I read this little article that quotes Obama as suggesting the reason that this will not happen during his term in office as it did to Clinton is 1994 is simply because – “‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’ So apparently Obama’s head is getting a little inflated these days . . . (the article is an interesting little read about the 1994 loss of mid-term elections and some commentary by Senator Berry – I quite enjoyed it)

My other blog read yesterday was regarding the potential for subversion of the legislative process by the current Democrats to pass the Health Care bill before seating Brown to get it done. I am not saying that they are doing this, simply that it is not something I would put past the untrustworthy souls that seem to be the ones ramming the bill through the hardest. And should they actually do this, it would be a very scary thought because they would be circumventing the actual procedural way that our laws govern these types of things. Curious. Personally I hope they seat Scott Brown and throw the Health Care Bill as it is away. Spend more time actually trying to create jobs instead of rewording what the stimulus bill did not do so that the White House can pretend that they actually have affected the employment numbers, when in reality they have had little to no impact on them. But again all smoke and mirrors.

See you soon and hopefully more regularly.

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Halloween in Chicago

My favorite conservative poetess is back once again. This time she takes a look at redistribution of the wealth and Halloween. Amazing the insight and application that can come from such a simple analogy. Hats off to you once again Ms. DuBois! Here it is . . .

Halloween in Chicago

( By Katy Zastrow DuBois)

It was Halloween night
We just had to go out
I was taking my daughter
We were running about

We were hitting the houses
At a very good pace
To be first at the door
Turned into a race

Each person who answered
Was dressed pretty cool
There were Witches and Goblins
Vampires and Ghouls

At the last house we went to
The guy was a kook!
He wasn’t dressed up
As a monster or spook

This house in Chicago
Appeared wealthy, and more
As bad luck would have it
Barack answered the door

He was dressed as ‘The Grinch’
Not a Ghost or Black Cat
” OH CRAP! I cried out-
” It’s THE Democrat! “

He eyed my kid’s costume
He checked out her loot
His demeanor alone
Showed he was quite the snoot!

He snatched back his bowl
Before she got candy
With ‘moral indignation’
He thought he was dandy

Oh, the spittle he spewed!
As he said in a huff
” I see by your bag
That you have quite enough”

He quickly leaned over
And set down his bowl
Then he reached in HER bag
I swear, what a Troll!

He snatched a big handful
And claimed ( full of glee )
” There are kids more deserving-
Just look- you will see! “

” Some folks do not work
Who cares if they’re lazy
You owe it to share”
( Can someone say CRAZY? )

“Some kids have less candy,
Or they won’t trick-or-treat
So we’ll give it to them
Oh, isn’t this neat? “

And before we could blink
He stepped back, slammed the door
I guess we were lucky
He didn’t take more!

As we stepped off the porch
We saw a sign in the yard
Can you guess what it said?
( No, this isn’t too hard! )

“HOPE and CHANGE” was his sign
And I wasn’t surprised
With his ‘redistribution’
That much, I’d surmised

I went back there much later
I had one final goal
Tucked under each arm
Was a toilet paper roll……..

What to say to Obama ?
Because of that night?
It’s: “Don’t mess America
We are up for the fight”

“Don’t mess with our Country
You Dem’s have gone wild
Don’t mess with our Health Care
Don’t mess with my child!”

“Don’t ruin her future
Don’t leave her more debt
Quit taking HER CANDY
Or this, you’ll regret!”

” For next year is coming
Your lap dogs will be OUT
And YOU’LL get a taste
Of what CHANGE is about “

” We”ll go after your Congress
Your Senators too
Without most of them
You’ll be ‘deep in the stew’ “

” This Country will rally
Before it’s destroyed
WE’LL be back in three years
And YOU’LL be unemployed!!!! “

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A Seussical Take on Cap and Trade

You know I always love a good poem about politics. Here is another one sure to please!

“ Uncle-Sam-I-Am “

By Katy Zastrow DuBois

“Cap and Trade, Cap and Trade
Don’t you like the deals I’ve made?
I’m Obama, yes I am
And I’m your brand new Uncle Sam”
( WE’RE THE PEOPLE! Yes we are!
You haven’t listened much, so far! )
Cap and Trade, Cap and Trade
I do not like the deals you’ve made
I think they’re all just Crap and Scam
I do not like them Uncle Sam

“Don’t you want less green-house gas?
Don’t you want Health Care to pass?
Don’t you want to go all ‘green’?
Don’t you like what all you’ve seen?
Fund my programs, YES WE CAN
Trust me- I’m your Uncle Sam”
The gas this will effect so far
Is how much I’ll pay to drive my car!
Funding with the Health Care Bill
Will cost the working stiffs more still!
I do not want to fund your stuff
Of you, I think we’ve had enough!
I think it’s all just Crap and Scam
I do not trust you, Uncle Sam

“Would you, could you, love new jobs?
Don’t worry who it really robs!
You didn’t like my ‘Green Jobs Czar’
I’ve tried to CHANGE it all so far!
Don’t you BELIEVE it’s not a scam?
Don’t you have HOPE in Uncle Sam?”
Just who is it you want to please?
The new jobs will go overseas!
The jobs will move from higher tax
Domestic workers get the ax!
I BELIEVE you’ll put us in a jam
I think you’re HOPELESS, Uncle Sam!

“Try not to be Rejectionists!
You sound just like Protectionists!
You need to have a ‘global view’
So what if all this hurts a few?
Why all the fuss? Why give a damn?
I know what’s best, I’m Uncle Sam!”
You think you have a ‘global view‘?
WE’RE on this ‘globe‘, it hurts us too!
You’ll cost us all and make it hard
You’re crapping in your own back yard!
You took an oath- What does that mean?
Not very much, from what we’ve seen
But we have figured out the score
You push for power-you want more
It’s obvious you won’t relent
Until you have big government
You say it’s just the need for ‘green’?
So get rid of your limousine!
If you were so involved with that
You’d cut down your own thermostat!
And let us not too soon forget
The gas to fly Pelosi’s jet-
The cost for THAT will really soar
And yet you’ll burden us with more!
40 billion more in added tax
You think that we don’t know the facts?
YOU’VE GOT A PLAN! You’ve got it set!
You’re only racking up more debt!
Electric bills will go sky high
So this is how you’ll SHARE THE PIE?
Will pay the price, and they WILL mind
You really just want more control
You’ll dig us in a bigger hole!
You see, I am a realist
Who see’s that you’re a Socialist
Chavez! Obama! You’re just the same
But we will beat you at your game
For if we let you have your way
You’d have us be the USSA
But it’s still AMERICA! ( Last time I checked )
A country you have not yet wrecked!
Your legacy will never fade
If we get stuck with Cap and Trade
But you’re about your power and fame
As presidents go, you’re pretty lame
And we will fight this, Uncle Sam!

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My favorite poet takes on Healthcare

“ Health Care, Health Care!

Get it while it’s hot!

Forced upon the populous

But on the Whitehouse, NOT! “

A Letter to Obama, The Congress, and The Senate:

( Thoughts on The Health Care Reform Bill! )

You say you know “ what’s best “ for them

Or what is best for me-

We working stiffs will pay it all,

While for the rest, it’s free!

You want to change our health care,

To accommodate a few-

The majority wants it’s private care,

The arrogance of you!

You think you’re slick, that we won’t know,

What all is in this Bill-

WE took the time to peak inside,

UNLIKE those on Capitol Hill!

Decisions made by health care Czars?

Our fate not up to us!

You wonder why at town halls meets,

There’s come up such a fuss!

Long waiting lists for treatment,

And no choice in Senior care?

Limits for the handicapped?

You think that THIS is fair?

Accessing all my bank accounts?

And forced enrollment plans?

Illegal’s get more benefits,

With no payment from their hands!

You’ll audit any business

Who won’t accept this health care scheme!

“ More tax , for they can pay it! “

Communistic, it would seem!

So now you want this Great Reform,

And opposition gone!

Why aren‘t you changing out your care?

Why aren’t YOU signing on?

Our movement is not “ Astroturf “

Our objections you resent?

What happened to Hillary screeching:

“ It’s patriotic to dissent ! “

You’ve kicked us out of gatherings

You want to squelch our voice

You try to ram this down our throats

To take away our choice

But woe to those who pass this Bill

I hope that THIS you’ll note:

Our one choice that will still remain

You’ll see it when we VOTE!

( Do you want the government deciding when you’re a senior to stop your health care options and mandate you go on ” end of life ” care? Do you want limited access to health care for special needs people, ie: Autistic, Downs Syndrome, etc….? Do you want rationed health care? If not- copy this, email it, and KEEP IT GOING!!!- Katy )

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Back for more. Finally. Letters #15-20

So I have been on a mental break these past couple weeks. So many stressful things put me in a crabby mood. So I took as much of a break as I could from all things stressful. But alas, I need to get back to reality. There are so many topics right now that I have some major opinions and strong feelings on, but for tonight I am going to continue on my Federalist Papers. I decided to read letters 15-20 and post at the same time since they are dealing with the same topic.

This grouping of letters deals with the issue, Insufficiency of the Present Confederation to Preserve the Union.

At this point no one is in disagreement that the present national system was unable to protect the Union. Not even the ones who were against the Constitution argued the basic premise. The country was at the bottom of the barrel as far as how they were viewed by other countries. “We have neither troops, nor treasury, nor government”

None of the states individually could effectively regulate themselves. They needed a government to help settle internal disputes. Another objection is the fear that the government would ultimately be too powerful.

There was a great passage in letter 15 regarding government. Here it is for your reading pleasure:

Government implies the power of making laws. It is essential to the idea of a law that it be attended with a sanction; or, in other words, a penalty or punishment for disobedience. If there be no penalty annexed to disobedience, the resolutions or commands which pretend to be laws will, in fact, amount to nothing more than advice or recommendation. This penalty, whatever it may be, can only be inflicted in two ways; by the agency of the courts and ministers of justice, or by military force; by the coercion of the magistracy, or by the coercion of arms.”

I found this interesting given all of today’s politicians and celebrity figures who break the law and then do not pay the penalty. (ie. Geithner) It is true, laws should have consequences for all. But that was not really the main focus of the letters.

There was a great deal of historical background given into Grecian republics as well as German nations. All had strengths and weaknesses. Finally the author gives a history of the United Netherlands. All of this information was given to give historical background and precedent for setting up a national government and making the states into one Union. By studying societies of the past we can learn from their experience which provides truth and wisdom.

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