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Shall we talk about this?

So it’s been awhile. I’ve been around. But living as red in a very blue area has taken it’s toll.

We’ve done ok the past eight years. I am not thrilled with the abuse of executive order power, insurance is at an all time high price wise, and there has been countless apologizing for America over these years. Time will tell exactly how the Obama presidency will be remembered, because hindsight is always so much better than living in the moment. I’ve lived in a place where my opinions and thoughts are marginalized, discounted and flat out disrespected. I in no way think I understand the plight of the oppressed and I have a heart for those that live in a truly marginalized system. But we made it.

Hilary didn’t win. You have to deal with that now. It bites to lose. But there can only be one winner. Take heart, because you are still breathing. The world did not end. Your family is still safe at home. Your children are as safe as they were yesterday. Because right now … Obama is still in office and nothing has changed. Campaigns bring out the worst in everyone.

Don’t be mean to me. I don’t desire to talk about my vote because frankly it’s like convincing you to change your religion. I want to, but it’s a losing battle. If you wonder why so many non-Hilary voters were quiet look at how you are treating us. It’s pretty bad.

What I need you to know is voting against Hilary does not mean -.

  1. I am against a woman president. In fact I would support a woman. Just not this woman. (Maybe 8 years ago instead of Obama, but right now no) This is not a sexist decision for the majority of us. Don’t make it one.
  2. I am not against other races in office. It’s great we had the first president of color. Why make it a race issue. Race, gender, which state you are from having nothing to do with your qualifications to run. Calling me names NOW for not being a Democrat and assuming I am racist is making me frustrated.
  3. I am not for rape. I can’t even believe I have to say this one. Seriously? That’s an argument?
  4. I don’t believe having Trump as President will make my children think that bad behavior is ok. If we are playing that game Bill would make it ok to have affairs and hey, it’s not sex. Semantics.
  5. I am not an uneducated hillbilly. Voting against Hillary does not make me a moron or mean the education system has failed. FYI – stats say 2/3 of the country doesn’t have a college diploma. Do that math … that’s not new. I am educated and I don’t support her style of politics.

The rules have to apply across the board, not when it’s just your candidate that lost. In fairness this was going to be a hard election no matter what. People have been insanely divisive and downright mean. Why? We all live here and need to get along to continue the progress being made for equality for all.

And for anyone still wondering how to explain this to your children. Start with someone has to win, and someone has to lose. There are no trophies for second place. You are loved and the world will continue. Don’t put more onto your children than they are developmentally ready for. (And you know what that is, because you are smart enough to read this) But this is what I read today about “kids” that I liked best (and I don’t know this woman, just liked what she said):

Y’all. Stop asking “what will we tell the children?” Our children’s main concern should be who they are going to sit with at lunch or who to play with on the playground. 

If the children are so scared because of the outcome of this election, maybe there needs to be a reevaluation of what they are seeing and hearing at home on WHO to put their trust in. On WHO to lean in to. Little minds can’t and shouldn’t be expected to process adult issues. 

I’m very actively the spiritual leader in my little family, my girls learn about building trust with God and boldly loving Jesus from watching me learn how to do it. I’m not saying this to boast, I’m saying this because if they see me panic about our country, and put all my faith in a corrupt government, it won’t matter what I tell them. They will follow suit. And a panicky and fearful foundation in the home can take years and thousands of dollars in therapy to unlearn. 

Love God. Love Others. The instructions are clear. And for the love of all things, stop scaring the children.

Know that all of us here on the other side of the political spectrum are ready to see what this brings us too. It is for us to lose now. I believe Trump will be surrounded by a strong and competent group of advisors. I believe that everything you have heard thus far does not mean he will be taking us to war tomorrow (because he can’t, he isn’t in office until January).

The market rallied today, so can we. Take heart. There are elections again in 2 years. We’ve been waiting awhile and lets see what happens.

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