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Wait’n for the Other Shoe to Drop

The political poetess is back. This time she sent me this awesome piece of poetry.

“ Wait’n For The Other Shoe To Drop “- to Obama

( To the tune of ‘Winter Wonderland’ )

( This may not be the right time the year for the tune, but it is NEVER the right time of year for Obama….)

Freedom Rings!… Are ya listening?
Oh, you’re mad….And you’re bristling!
You’ve got a loose screw,
We already knew
We’re wait’n for the other shoe to drop

We know you really pushed it with this Health Care
Really rammed the Bill right down our throats
Gotta watch you sneaky liberals closely
We saw what all you did to get the votes!

Go ahead….You conspire!
We all know…you’re a liar!
You’re plans are all made,
Your friends have been paid,
We’re wait’n for the other shoe to drop!

Now you’re going after Arizona,
Really sucking up to Mexico!
I’ll buy for you a ticket South, muchacho !
And promise not to cry if you’ll just GO!

Hmmm, what’s next?….Cap & Trade!
The USA…is gett’n laid!
The bribes have not ceased
More palms will be greased
We’re wait’n for the other shoe to drop!

In this Country we are gett’n snowed, man!
It’s fun to see who’s noses are so brown!
We’re chomping at the bits for Twenty-Twelve,
So we can run your carcass outta town!

Spend and spend…yes, we wonder
Why your bent…on putt’n us under
Your leaderships bad!
Looks like we’ve been had
We’re wait’n for the other shoe to drop!

You did nothing with the BP oil spill
Just lots of mumblings that we all resent
I guess you’ll have your usual clever answer
It’s blame it on the previous president!

Freedom Rings!…Can ya hear it?
Only YOU…have need to fear it!
You’ll try, I‘ve no doubt
Bring more
CHANGE about,
We’re wait’n for the other shoe to drop!

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