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Can We Just Leave McDonalds Alone

If you read my previous post about the absurd policy being implemented by Santa Clara county regarding Happy Meal toys then you will understand my complete irritation with the fact that a watchdog group is now suing them because of the toys. While I am not surprised by the lawsuit I am very angry. There are so many fallacies and just plain dumb arguments being made in this discussion that I truly don’t know where to start.

I was reading a piece by the LATimes. In the article they said that the “Shrek” toys lure children into restaurants were they are then likely to order food that is too high in calories, fat and salt. Ummm. Most kids don’t take themselves to McDonalds. Last time I checked my 10,8&5 year olds had to have someone else take them anywhere they went.

My next favorite line was this one, “McDonalds is the stranger in the playground handing out candy to children. Their use of toys undercuts parental authority and exploits childrens developmental immaturity.” This is from a guy named Stephen Garder who is the litigation director. So let’s think about this one . . . The toys in happy meals are undercutting my parental authority? I exercise my authority when I choose to either take them to McDonalds or NOT! It’s my choice. I am the parent and I make the choices. If I chose to give the toys to the dog that would be my choice. I exercise my parental authority all the time and don’t need a legal watchdog group trying to make choices for me.

But what be the best part of the article is this tidbit: “in April Santa Clara County supervisors won praise from nutrition advocates but ridicule from many conservatives when they voted to ban toy promotions . . .” Say what? So the conservatives are anti-nutrition? Right. I totally want my kids to eat junk food. Just like all my conservative friends. That’s all we talk about. Obviously Ms.Bernstein at the LATimes thinks so. Well here is why the conservatives “ridicule” the ban. It’s because it’s an invasion of our parental rights. It is a step into our personal live by the government to tell us what choices to make. It is a slap in the face to what is easily one of the more brilliant marketing strategies of a company. Instead of placing blame on the 0 calorie toys why not push harder for alternative foods? Why not recognize the steps the chains have taken in the past few years to have healthier options? Why are people who don’t ever eat at a fast food restaurant telling the rest of us what we should do?

The answer seems to be to have more government influence and control on our everyday lives. We knew when this horrible ban was voted on that it would not be the end of it. We knew it would trigger a chain of events that would bring a bandwagon of experts waiting to make our decisions for us. And that is why the conservatives ridicule the ban. I would also like to say I find it hard to believe that there are no non-conservatives against this too.

I think I might have to go feed my kids mcDonalds tomorrow now and maybe I’ll buy a few extra toys too.

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