Pot Calling Kettle

April 21, 2010 at 5:10 pm Leave a comment

Today I am venting about a pet peeve of my mine.

People who do the exact thing that they complain about.

So to elaborate. You know that I will listen to any rational discussion about politics. Acknowledging that I most likely will not change my views, but am curious as to how other people rationalize their viewpoints. But what kills me is the hypocrisy of the complainant. I have family,  friends and acquaintances who do not share my political views. And with them I choose to NOT get into the argument (unless pressed and if they are erroneously misinformed). But it drives me crazy to read their facebook status updates. I know they think I am just as “uninformed” as I know they are. The problem comes down to the act of following. Believing something just because you heard it on TV and not reading and researching for yourself.

One of the most recent frustrating conversations I actually read involved the Tea Party movement. “If you want to see supposedly educated people making fools of themselves, look at some pictures from these Tea Party rallies, especially the homemade signs they make. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad that they actually believe this crap. It’s very sad that people have not learned to think for theirselves but just follow anyone that comes along.” Now really this just made me laugh and I stayed very clear of this. But can we say Hello Pot. I have no idea why we are making fun of homemade signs, that doesn’t even make any rational sense. Did they want people to buy signs? Where do you think rally signs come from? And I love the generalization that the Tea Party people are uneducated that alone should make us a bit angry if it weren’t so funny. But the best part was the part that says that we don’t think for ourselves and we just follow anyone that comes along. I mean really. Hello. Does the name Barack ring a bell? I am guessing they never saw this video?

This is not some statement on race. This is simply showing that some people (note I am not saying ALL) followed Obama out of blind obedience and adoration as opposed to actually learning the issues and knowing what people stand for. There is a great discrepancy between fact and perception in Washington. Choosing to not believe anything you hear on Fox is just as ridiculous as only believing what you hear on MSNBC (which is a crazy channel in my opinion). So back to my point it makes me crazy to hear ignorant people assume that people in the Tea Party movement have no idea what they are standing for. They do. They are against the expansion of government. They are for states and individual rights. This is not rocket science (although reading the bills might be sometimes). They are for honesty and integrity of our elected officials. Not people who say things like “we’ll find out what’s in the bill after we vote for it”.

The current generation we are raising of those who feel they are entitled to something from our country besides life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is amazing. The desire and the lust for handouts and the audacity to think that you are owed anything other that what you work hard to earn is crazy. Hard work and dedication will get you far. And if you want to debate the American dream with me here, the dream is to be able to have food on your table, clothes to wear, and a place to live. Not to have two BMW’s in the driveway, a summer and winter home, and an American Express Black card. The system is not perfect but what is. Social entitlement programs are a mess and should be totally redone to do a better job to actually help families and provide an exit strategy. They were not meant to be a way of life, but a way to get your life in order.

Anyway, enough of my ranting for today.


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