What a Day.

April 16, 2010 at 4:31 am Leave a comment

So after you get past the fact that today is Tax Day. The deadline that so many of us wait until to file our income taxes. I filed ours last night, so I am right there with the running late people. Not quite as bad as people who drive to post offices open until midnight to get theirs postmarked in time, but still on the late side. But heck, we owed money and who “wants” to pay any earlier than necessary. We pay A LOT in taxes already and paying even more is painful. So my title for today is about the downer that today is and I still need to read up on how the Tax Day Tea Parties went. I did not get to attend one this year since there was no daytime rally near me and with my three kids (age 5,8,10) I don’t think taking them out after school when they are already getting a crabby and tired anyway was a very good idea. But I was there in heart.

So my big reason for posting tonight. I have an acquaintance on Facebook who posted a link to a CNN article regarding Obama issuing hospital rights to gay and lesbians as well as widows/widowers and members of certain religions. The post was in reference to what the “Red States” will say about this and making some commentary as to what kind of comments Ann Coulter will make. Personally I have no issues with people have someone with them in the hospital. I have no issues with the gay community being allowed to be with each other in the hospital. This would be the same stance I would take on a heterosexual couple who were not married but in a common-law marriage. My issue is simply with gay marriage. Marriage to me is reserved to be between a man and a woman. There is a much deeper significance to me in the sanctity of marriage.

So personally I don’t think there will be a huge backlash on this issue. And if there is, it will be because people view it as a give an inch take a mile thing, but I don’t think it should be. I think going out looking for a fight with the “right” will not always result in what the “left” is looking for. The big bad right, you know us right-wing extremists stay at home moms who drive soccer carpool are not the big bad boogie man. The generalizations are amazing.


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