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Halloween in Chicago

My favorite conservative poetess is back once again. This time she takes a look at redistribution of the wealth and Halloween. Amazing the insight and application that can come from such a simple analogy. Hats off to you once again Ms. DuBois! Here it is . . .

Halloween in Chicago

( By Katy Zastrow DuBois)

It was Halloween night
We just had to go out
I was taking my daughter
We were running about

We were hitting the houses
At a very good pace
To be first at the door
Turned into a race

Each person who answered
Was dressed pretty cool
There were Witches and Goblins
Vampires and Ghouls

At the last house we went to
The guy was a kook!
He wasn’t dressed up
As a monster or spook

This house in Chicago
Appeared wealthy, and more
As bad luck would have it
Barack answered the door

He was dressed as ‘The Grinch’
Not a Ghost or Black Cat
” OH CRAP! I cried out-
” It’s THE Democrat! “

He eyed my kid’s costume
He checked out her loot
His demeanor alone
Showed he was quite the snoot!

He snatched back his bowl
Before she got candy
With ‘moral indignation’
He thought he was dandy

Oh, the spittle he spewed!
As he said in a huff
” I see by your bag
That you have quite enough”

He quickly leaned over
And set down his bowl
Then he reached in HER bag
I swear, what a Troll!

He snatched a big handful
And claimed ( full of glee )
” There are kids more deserving-
Just look- you will see! “

” Some folks do not work
Who cares if they’re lazy
You owe it to share”
( Can someone say CRAZY? )

“Some kids have less candy,
Or they won’t trick-or-treat
So we’ll give it to them
Oh, isn’t this neat? “

And before we could blink
He stepped back, slammed the door
I guess we were lucky
He didn’t take more!

As we stepped off the porch
We saw a sign in the yard
Can you guess what it said?
( No, this isn’t too hard! )

“HOPE and CHANGE” was his sign
And I wasn’t surprised
With his ‘redistribution’
That much, I’d surmised

I went back there much later
I had one final goal
Tucked under each arm
Was a toilet paper roll……..

What to say to Obama ?
Because of that night?
It’s: “Don’t mess America
We are up for the fight”

“Don’t mess with our Country
You Dem’s have gone wild
Don’t mess with our Health Care
Don’t mess with my child!”

“Don’t ruin her future
Don’t leave her more debt
Quit taking HER CANDY
Or this, you’ll regret!”

” For next year is coming
Your lap dogs will be OUT
And YOU’LL get a taste
Of what CHANGE is about “

” We”ll go after your Congress
Your Senators too
Without most of them
You’ll be ‘deep in the stew’ “

” This Country will rally
Before it’s destroyed
WE’LL be back in three years
And YOU’LL be unemployed!!!! “


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