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A Seussical Take on Cap and Trade

You know I always love a good poem about politics. Here is another one sure to please!

“ Uncle-Sam-I-Am “

By Katy Zastrow DuBois

“Cap and Trade, Cap and Trade
Don’t you like the deals I’ve made?
I’m Obama, yes I am
And I’m your brand new Uncle Sam”
( WE’RE THE PEOPLE! Yes we are!
You haven’t listened much, so far! )
Cap and Trade, Cap and Trade
I do not like the deals you’ve made
I think they’re all just Crap and Scam
I do not like them Uncle Sam

“Don’t you want less green-house gas?
Don’t you want Health Care to pass?
Don’t you want to go all ‘green’?
Don’t you like what all you’ve seen?
Fund my programs, YES WE CAN
Trust me- I’m your Uncle Sam”
The gas this will effect so far
Is how much I’ll pay to drive my car!
Funding with the Health Care Bill
Will cost the working stiffs more still!
I do not want to fund your stuff
Of you, I think we’ve had enough!
I think it’s all just Crap and Scam
I do not trust you, Uncle Sam

“Would you, could you, love new jobs?
Don’t worry who it really robs!
You didn’t like my ‘Green Jobs Czar’
I’ve tried to CHANGE it all so far!
Don’t you BELIEVE it’s not a scam?
Don’t you have HOPE in Uncle Sam?”
Just who is it you want to please?
The new jobs will go overseas!
The jobs will move from higher tax
Domestic workers get the ax!
I BELIEVE you’ll put us in a jam
I think you’re HOPELESS, Uncle Sam!

“Try not to be Rejectionists!
You sound just like Protectionists!
You need to have a ‘global view’
So what if all this hurts a few?
Why all the fuss? Why give a damn?
I know what’s best, I’m Uncle Sam!”
You think you have a ‘global view‘?
WE’RE on this ‘globe‘, it hurts us too!
You’ll cost us all and make it hard
You’re crapping in your own back yard!
You took an oath- What does that mean?
Not very much, from what we’ve seen
But we have figured out the score
You push for power-you want more
It’s obvious you won’t relent
Until you have big government
You say it’s just the need for ‘green’?
So get rid of your limousine!
If you were so involved with that
You’d cut down your own thermostat!
And let us not too soon forget
The gas to fly Pelosi’s jet-
The cost for THAT will really soar
And yet you’ll burden us with more!
40 billion more in added tax
You think that we don’t know the facts?
YOU’VE GOT A PLAN! You’ve got it set!
You’re only racking up more debt!
Electric bills will go sky high
So this is how you’ll SHARE THE PIE?
Will pay the price, and they WILL mind
You really just want more control
You’ll dig us in a bigger hole!
You see, I am a realist
Who see’s that you’re a Socialist
Chavez! Obama! You’re just the same
But we will beat you at your game
For if we let you have your way
You’d have us be the USSA
But it’s still AMERICA! ( Last time I checked )
A country you have not yet wrecked!
Your legacy will never fade
If we get stuck with Cap and Trade
But you’re about your power and fame
As presidents go, you’re pretty lame
And we will fight this, Uncle Sam!

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