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My favorite poet takes on Healthcare

“ Health Care, Health Care!

Get it while it’s hot!

Forced upon the populous

But on the Whitehouse, NOT! “

A Letter to Obama, The Congress, and The Senate:

( Thoughts on The Health Care Reform Bill! )

You say you know “ what’s best “ for them

Or what is best for me-

We working stiffs will pay it all,

While for the rest, it’s free!

You want to change our health care,

To accommodate a few-

The majority wants it’s private care,

The arrogance of you!

You think you’re slick, that we won’t know,

What all is in this Bill-

WE took the time to peak inside,

UNLIKE those on Capitol Hill!

Decisions made by health care Czars?

Our fate not up to us!

You wonder why at town halls meets,

There’s come up such a fuss!

Long waiting lists for treatment,

And no choice in Senior care?

Limits for the handicapped?

You think that THIS is fair?

Accessing all my bank accounts?

And forced enrollment plans?

Illegal’s get more benefits,

With no payment from their hands!

You’ll audit any business

Who won’t accept this health care scheme!

“ More tax , for they can pay it! “

Communistic, it would seem!

So now you want this Great Reform,

And opposition gone!

Why aren‘t you changing out your care?

Why aren’t YOU signing on?

Our movement is not “ Astroturf “

Our objections you resent?

What happened to Hillary screeching:

“ It’s patriotic to dissent ! “

You’ve kicked us out of gatherings

You want to squelch our voice

You try to ram this down our throats

To take away our choice

But woe to those who pass this Bill

I hope that THIS you’ll note:

Our one choice that will still remain

You’ll see it when we VOTE!

( Do you want the government deciding when you’re a senior to stop your health care options and mandate you go on ” end of life ” care? Do you want limited access to health care for special needs people, ie: Autistic, Downs Syndrome, etc….? Do you want rationed health care? If not- copy this, email it, and KEEP IT GOING!!!- Katy )

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