Historical on any level and Pet Peeves

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So now a week later I am going to process a few thoughts. I saw the major highlights of the inauguration but it did leave me wondering a few things.

A new president is ALWAYS a historical event. Why the big drama over making this seem sooo much more than that? Every president is celebrated, each presidency is something that is celebrated and brings with it the potential to do good and bring about new policies and plans for our country.


It would seem that the part that makes it more historical than other presidents before him (and there have been 43 of them) is POTUS Obamas race. Everyone wanted to say is not even a factor in the election. People are quick to call you a racist if you are not a supporter, even when it has absolutely nothing to do with race; but rather policy. Race was never an issue as far as I am concerned, nor would it be an issue with any of the current generations. Frankly for me it would be simply having a qualified candidate that shares my views and values. I would vote for that qualified person regardless of their race. So I do see that for some people this was an important event, somehow giving them validation that there is racial equality.

With that comes the knowledge now, you cannot blame race racism for your life. You cannot claim that you are being held back simply due to race, you have now triumphed over that. Rise to meet that challenge and don’t fall back on the crutch that you cannot succeed due to racism. I am weary of people who cannot get past decisions that were made decades and decades ago regarding issues of slavery, who took the land from whom, etc. Those decisions were not made by me nor anyone presently alive. There is nothing we can do to change the past, we cannot go back in time and make things different now. You will simply have to let it go and move on. Please don’t keep using those things against the government and against your fellow citizens. We share the same fundamental rights and freedoms granted by the constitution. Be proud to be an American. An American whose family tree can be traced back to any country, even Africa. Heck, I am Scotch, Irish, and a myriad of other nationalities (there is some Indian in there too).

Obama Worship

Pet Peeve #1 here is the amount of what appears to be an unhealthy obsession with Obama. It borders on idol worship. Just watching people standing around chanting and the goofy looks on peoples faces is somewhat disheartening. Please remember he is just a mortal man. He is fallible as we all are and is not above reproach and mistakes. You will likely not like things that he does, yet as the medias chosen darling those mistakes will be skirted over and not be that publicized. How else do you explain a system that reveres a sitting president who lied under oath to congress and was most likely according to credible witnesses guilty of rape, pardoned some crazy people – yet the same system insults and criticizes an honest respectable president who kept our country safe (from threats by the way that Clinton did not handle during his time in office).

Check out these links to go along with the video!
I Pledge to Ridicule Celebrities Who Refuse to Recognize We Are At War With People Who Want to Kill Them, Too
and then for a laugh I Pledge

The only glimmer of sunshine that I see here is that people set on a pedestal tend to fall off. Please understand I do not wish the economy to get worse, etc. But I do not agree with the policy direction that this administration is heading.

HOPE does not CHANGE things

barack-is-hope obama_change_01

Another issue that really grates at me – HOPE and CHANGE. While I hope that Obama is able to do some good for the country, I am not counting on HOPE to do much of anything. Hope is not an active thing. Hope does not make things happen. Hope is when I would like for something to happen – like: I hope it snows while we are at the ski resort, I hope that my son does well on his test, I hope that my friends father feels better soon. These are things that are outside of my actual circle of control. I cannot make these things happen. Just hoping that things will happen are not enough. It reminds me of an Oprah book selection (which by the way – if Oprah suggests it I try not to read it), The Secret which basically suggested that if you think about something and want it enough then it will happen, basically along the lines of if you wish something hard enough you can have it.

Well, it just does not work that way.

I know the Think System works in the Music Man, but I really want a million dollars, and I hope I get it, but I think without action the odds of that happening are absurdly small. It is not enough to just hope that something will happen.

And CHANGE. We are the change we need? Ok. Change is also an action. We do have change now, we voted for change.

But politicians are notorious for the ability to not follow through. Realistically looking at the promises that POTUS Obama has made the odds of him being able to follow through on all of them is next to impossible. He is already leaning more towards the center than his party would like and is already beginning to implement policy that is causing strife amongst his own. We will see how much change there actually is and where that change takes us. I agree that we need something new, but just because it is new does not mean it will be better. Just like we have said about Bush it will take quite some time after Obama leaves office to see what the long term effects of his decisions will be.

Ok. Now on to tackle some of the decisions made in the last week. Stay tuned.


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