Out of touch – aren’t we. . .

October 21, 2008 at 11:03 pm 5 comments

Like I said yesterday, out of touch with that middle class that you are out to “help”

Thanks Michelle for really showing us you are willing to give up your pie for the rest of us. And frankly I would prefer you to share your pie cause you have a whole lot to share, more than most of us. In fact you are part of that top percent who should be giving a whole lot more than you do. AND mandating giving anymore to help people who are not already trying to help themselves just grates on my last nerve.

Yes, I know there are people who legitimately need assistance. I am NOT referring to them. But we all know there are people who abuse the system. These are the people that make me mad. And we let them. And now we are going to have to take the money we work very hard to have to pay our own bills and give it to people who feel like we owe it to them.

News flash.

No one owes you anything. Having your life paid for by the government is not a right. Personally I think there should be a massive overhaul of the welfare system to encourage capable individuals to have to go back to work. That would help the employment rate.

When did having your bills paid, health care, free food, college education, etc. become a right. Most of those things are privileges. Our ancestors would never have dreamed that today we would just expect to have these things without having to work for them. Our grandparents generations were some of the hardest working, most sacrificing people there have been. We have lost some of that and now our society feels that we should have more. More and more and more. We live in excess.

And the American Dream, guess what – we are all living it.

Being a millionaire is not the American Dream, it might be a dream but not the intent of what we call the “American Dream”. Our country is wealthy. The whole thing. Look at countries overseas and you will see that they do not differentiate between Bill Gates and an office worker. They see an American and think of a wealthy country. So while you might not see yourself as rich, know that you are. Get a grip on reality and understand that you are living a dream. And even if it is not your dream there are lots of people who would give anything to be in your shoes.

So please leave my “pie” alone. If you really want to see the economy grow encourage people to work hard. Taking their money for doing that is not going to make it better.

Check out this post too. Pretty funny. Top 10 things Obama knows.


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  • 1. John D. Augustine - WI USA  |  October 22, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Speaking of being out of touch, you seem to be out of touch with the Christian values you defended in the page that was picked up by the BBC. Are you familiar with the story of the loaves and fishes? It teaches a doctrine of sharing willingly, something the wealth of the American people has in its power to do.

    If only there weren’t so many people preaching a doctrine of fear that someone is out to take what is not rightfully theirs. That is not what the role of government is. I believe that some day all people of good faith will see this for themselves.

  • 2. John D. Augustine - WI USA  |  October 22, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    I see. Now I can read the receipt that was formerly redacted in gray by some sort of electronic glitch.

    So what are you saying? Because Michelle Obama is rich, she is going to take money from the poor (or the more taxable middle class) instead of from herself? She may be rich, but she is apparently spending that money as fast as she can. And I’m sure the middle class people working at the Waldorf Astoria do not resent her in the least for doing so. Do you?

    What are you saying? That we should resent people for being rich in the first place. That doesn’t sound very American to me.

  • 3. rightwingchicky  |  October 22, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    Hi! Let me see if I can respond to your questions. Did you read the other post – A cup of Joe and Campaign Financing? I touched on some of my issues with this there as well.

    I am familiar with the story of the loaves and the fish. But there the food was given freely as a gift. Not demanded or forced. The boy chose as you said willingly to share what he had. Jesus was also not a political leader and never demanded anyone to do anything. Each person was left with the free will to either choose to follow his teaching or not.

    As Christians we are to take care of the poor and widowed but that was to be done either privately or through the churches, it never said give your money to the government and they will decide who needs it. The money does not belong to the government, so when you say “that someone is out to take what is not rightfully theirs” – the money we work hard to earn does not belong to the government.

    And I am not begrudging anyone wealth. Kudos to everyone who has worked hard to get there. As well, I am glad there are people who can afford to pump money into the economy and are not worried about the current “crisis”. And I appreciate the indulgence as well. We all need a little of that from time to time. But the money spent there does not directly trickle down at the rate that it would should they have chosen to give a portion of their income to charities. In 2006 they gave 6% of their income to charities.

    What I find curious is that while Obama supports higher taxation of the wealthy to provide all these programs he feels need to be funded, his family was not even willing to give this same amount to charities to help the very types of people he is speaking about. They were financially able and positioned, and even willing to give more of their money – but only when required. Not when voluntary.

  • 4. Geri C  |  October 23, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    John – First of all, there is a difference between sharing and taking. What the Obamas preach is taking by force (taxes). Here’s the thing about Mrs. Obama’s comments. I personally do not appreciate someone who is making a significant amount of money, who does NOT contribute to the poor on a significant level, who does not live in the poor neighborhoods she keeps whining about, telling me I need to be willing to share my very small sliver of the pie I have with the rest of the country. I pay tithing at church and contribute to charities of my choice. I do not need her or her husband telling me that I am not doing enough. I will determine with whom I share and when I will share what meager excess income I have. I do not tell Michele or Barack where to spend their money or who they need to help out with their million dollar income nor woud I dream of doing so, because IT IS NOT MY PLACE!! NOR IS IT THEIR PLACE to tell ANYONE that they need to give up a piece of the pie for someone else. Chick is right, giving is done from the heart and out of choice, not force. I so do not get this whole liberal mentality of guilt-based living! I refuse to feel bad for going out there are working hard to be successful and if I make a gazillion dollars, I will not feel guilty that others did not! I will share what I have in ways that I feel will do the most good, but I will NOT require it of others, nor will I ask the government to take money from other wealthy people by force to give it to the poor and needy, especially in the form of welfare! I live in America because I do not want the government or the Obamas telling me how to live and how I should spend MY money. It’s still a free country…right?

  • 5. John D. Augustine - WI USA  |  October 26, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    Both of your comments misrepresent what I am calling for. I’m not calling for charity. Social services are a tiny fraction of federal taxes. I’m calling for the kinds of services that are not free.

    Public transportation benefits everyone, even those who don’t rely on it to get to work. Education gives people the means to become productive, creating more and sharing in the wealth. Veterans have already paid the highest price of freedom and they deserve its greatest rewards.

    All of these services and more have been cut in the name of saving tax dollars, and they will continue to be cut unless the American people demand that politicians stop selling their services to the lowest bidder. It is my right as a citizen to make this demand, but I am only entitled to make it according to number, which would be one. If I can convince anyone to see things from my perspective, then those numbers will increase accordingly.

    There is a common misperception inherent to right wing rhetoric. The government is often represented as an enemy taking from the people. You rarely hear it described as a servant, providing services the people demand.

    I for one, do not demand a free lunch.

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