Hot and Bothered

September 30, 2008 at 11:03 pm Leave a comment

I know I said I would let Anna Eshoo off the hook for her initial comments about the “cowboy” stuff. But she came back again, stronger this time. I do not appreciate her lack of respect for all her constituents.

Here is what she said . . . (just the highlighted nasty part, the rest was pretty much the same as the first)

Each of us is outraged about the circumstances that have brought our financial system to near collapse. In my view, this is confirmation that the Bush Administration’s economic policies are a complete failure. They’ve practiced “cowboy capitalism”, saying the markets must be allowed to run free, but instead have allowed Wall Street to run wild with no accountability, no transparency and no effective enforcement or regulations to protect the American taxpayer.

And then here is my response, because I could not just let it go.

Frankly I find your blatant disrespect and ignorance as to where blame lies to be reprehensible.
I am new to California and am a registered Republican.
I contacted you as you are still the voice of my area in Congress.
I truly wish you could have found a bipartisan voice in your tone. Bush is not solely responsible for any situation. You all have just as much responsibility and blame and there is plenty of evidence to prove that.
I find your willingness to openly accuse only this administration shows just how petty the party has become. I personally am glad the bill did not pass as written.
I would have respected you and even your decision to support this legislation if you had not resorted to such blatant name calling and obvious disrespect for your constituents that are Republicans.
Last time I checked you represented the whole area not just the Democrats and you owe us that.

So there. Well, at least I took the time to exercise my right to free speech. I know that her political views differ from mine. I get that. But what happened to simple respect. She represents far more that just that simplistic viewpoint and in sending out such a letter – to me – she has offended me and who knows how many others. We all can guess that I would not be voting for her anyway when she is up for re-election but I want to know what happened being polite and respectful.

And last time I checked cowboys were pretty efficient in getting things done and making sure they were sufficiently compensated. So maybe that is not such a bad term 🙂


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