How to choose the next president.

September 25, 2008 at 4:49 pm Leave a comment

Ok. Found this link and thought that it was a relatively non-partisan attempt to help people find a way to better choose who to vote for.

Essay #59 – How to Pick a President

You are ultimately responsible for what you choose to do with your vote and if you choose to do nothing it means you have chosen not to participate in one of the greatest rights given to you as a citizen of our country. There are so many people who have died to guarantee you that right and privilege. There are people in countries around the world who would love to be in your place. This follows true when you choose to sit and complain and place blame on elected officials (who agreeably are fallible like the rest of us – we all make mistakes) yet you did nothing to get a candidate in office. If you truly believe your vote does not count, you are being naive. If someone told you it does not matter, you have been deceived. One person can make a difference. If you are comfortable with not voting at all please don’t complain about the choices and decisions that person makes. You gave up the right to complain when you made the decision not to get involved.

Register to vote. Sign up for an absentee ballot. Participate in one of your rights as an American.


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