Am I right?

September 25, 2008 at 4:31 pm Leave a comment

So we are setting this blog up to discuss some issues on the forefront at the moment, as well as a few that don’t even seem to touch the radar. While admittedly this is going to be coming from a very conservative view point there are so many facets and variables to each policy and topic that there are boundless amounts of disagreements and arguments for and against each one. In reading through other blogs and listening to many pundits what we have come to determine is this:

The only thing we can agree on is to disagree.

The issue is not if one group is right or wrong, to try and debate as such generally proves useless and pointless. The people most often engaged in such debates are committed to their ideologies and beliefs and are unlikely to be swayed through commentary. They know the talking points and they know how to back up what they believe. There is a reason the independent vote is so important, because they are the only people that you are really likely to sway to your side. There have been rampant and flagrant slams to people on each side of the debate. Somewhere along the way in trying to be tolerant and respectful of others beliefs that has taken a shift to only be tolerant of people who believe what you believe. If you post a link to an article supporting your viewpoints (providing it is from a verifiable source – not somewhere like the daily kos). while the views in the article may not mesh with my ideologies we should not be attacking your personally because you have a belief. Does that mean we agree and think you are right? Most likely not. What has happened to respectful disagreement? You will not be changing anyones mind by attacking them personally. Back up what you say with facts, facts from a trusted source (not something you heard third hand), find it in print and then read it for yourself.

Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and form your own opinions. It has become apparent that peoples views on social policy and their values and morals shape their politics. These two topics are ones that are going to be addressed here soon.

We welcome respectful and engaging debate and discussion. Please join in and participate, but keep it clean and be willing to agree to disagree. We will leave comments unmoderated for as long as people are willing to cooperate.

As well, we are looking for guest bloggers to submit articles to be posted. We welcome providing a platform for other women to share their opinions in an intelligent manner. Please shoot us an email if you are interested!


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coming soon How to choose the next president.

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